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IT projects

This page gives an overview of the IT projects I'm involved in.

Project:Application and participant management system for statutory meetings of AEGEE-Europe
Period:December 2002 - present
Time:2 hours per week
Description:A system based on PHP/MySQL where people can apply for a meeting. For the organising committee there is a complete administration system to manage participants (over 600 per meeting). It includes graphical statistics as well as automatic mail delivery failure handling.
Project:Server administrator and user support
Period:January 2002 - present
Time:10 hours per week
Description:Responsible, together with 6 other people in Europe, to develop and maintain the IT systems of AEGEE-Europe. This included both hardware and software.
My main responsibility is to maintain a webserver, a network router and a file server, as well as the tools installed on it.
Project:User administration system for server
Period:January 2006 - February 2006
Time:30 hours
Description:A system based on PHP/LDAP where users can create and maintain their own accounts.
Project:Online photo page
Period:February 2002 - June 2002
Time:15 hours per week
Description:A website based on PHP/MySQL where members can upload their photos and attach comments. Information is automatically imported from other systems.