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This page gives an overview of my extra-curricular activities. IT projects are not included here, but mentioned on a separate page.

Since August 2000 I'm member of AEGEE where I've done most of my extra-curricular activities. AEGEE is one of Europe's largest interdisciplinary and voluntary student associations. It is represented in 240 university cities, in 42 countries all around Europe and has about 15000 members.

Function:Trainer AEGEE-Academy
Period:September 2002 - present
Main achievements
and responsibilities:
Responsible for giving lectures and workshops during trainings and guiding participants.
Participated in the following trainings:
  • General management training (9 days full-time + 5 hours per week preparation for 6 weeks per training):
    Patra (Greece) December 2004, Gdansk (Poland) December 2007, Enschede (The Netherlands) March 2008, Patra (Greece) December 2008;
  • IT user training (5 days full-time + 10 hours per week preparation for 8 weeks per training):
    Zielona Gora (Poland) May 2004, Tartu (Estonia) February 2006;
  • PR training (7 days full-time + 5 hours per week preparation for 6 weeks):
    Athens (Greece) October 2005.
Function:Treasurer Vereniging AEGEE Academy (Human Resources committee)
Period:October 2006 - October 2008
Time:12 hours per week
Main achievements
and responsibilities:
Maintain the finances of the association, check and adjust budgets of trainings and financially manage grant requests. Together with the rest of the board I developed new ideas and implemented them.
Function:IT responsible of the Chair team of AEGEE-Europe
Period:October 2006 - October 2007
Time:4 days full-time per meeting + 8 hours per week preparations
Main achievements
and responsibilities:
The chair team organises 3 statutory meetings per year. During these meetings (up to 600 participants) I was responsible for the IT facilities. Next to that I fully supported the the (vice-)chair in planning the agenda and leading the meetings.
Function:Manager IT European School Tartu (Estonia)
Period:November 2005 - July 2006
Time:5 days full-time + 10 hours per week preparations during 12 weeks
Main achievements
and responsibilities:
Designing the program, arranging trainers and choosing participants for an IT training of 5 days. Target group were users of the IT facilities of AEGEE. During the training I was responsible for coordinating the logistics with the local organisers.
Function:Chair IT committee AEGEE-Europe
Period:May 2003 - May 2005
Time:15 hours per week
Main achievements
and responsibilities:
Coordinating a team of 4 people that is responsible for the IT facilities of the organisation. Main results were a more formal structure of the committee, and several plans to improve the IT facilities.
Function:Secretary Stichting Internationale Congressen Enschede
Period:October 2002 - May 2003
Time:12 hours per week to full-time the 3 weeks before the conference
Main achievements
and responsibilities:
Responsible to organise a 3 day conference for 250 people from all over Europe. I was responsible for the normal secretary tasks, as well as finding participants and keeping in touch with them before and during the conference.