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Non-formal education

AEGEE Training for TrainersT4T logoThe overall aim of this course is to enable participants to discover new approaches to youth training and to more effectively use their capacities as trainers. The training course will specifically focus on the use of experiential learning methodology according to different learning types by an inter-cultural team of trainers.
AEGEE European School IES logoEuropean School is a one-week training course for people who want to discover AEGEE and learn how to run an AEGEE local and organise successful projects.

A balanced mixture of lectures and casework in multicultural teams offers the participants the chance to gain hard skills such as antenna management, event organisation, public relations, fund raising, information technologies as well as soft skills such as inter-cultural teamwork and communication, leadership, presentation, interview and motivation techniques.

The trainers that you will meet at a European School are very experienced and long time AEGEE members.

Many participants of ES1 events have afterwards started an impressive AEGEE carrier. European School 1 is the ultimate inter-cultural experience for open-minded and adventurous characters.

ES1 is the perfect event for idealistic and motivated young AEGEE members who still need to improve themselves to successfully start their activities in- and outside AEGEE.