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This page gives an overview of the different types of education I followed. Several of the sections are explained in more detail in the sub pages, which can be accessed via the side menu or the '[more info]' links below the section.

Master degree in Telematics

From 2007 until 2009 I visited the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands. I've successfully completed the Master degree, with the following courses: Final Project - Connecting distributed E-health applications by means of a generic control protocol, Business integration with web services, Distributed E-Business Techniques, Internet management and measurement, Mobile and wireless networking, Mobile and wireless networking 2, Mobile E-health application and services, Operational management of telematics systems, Optical communication networks, Patterns of software development, Performance evaluation, Protocol Engineering, Reference models for networked applications, Research project - Managing the Surrogate Host using JMX, Switching and Control syst. for Multi-service Networks, System validation, Testing techniques, Transmission Systems, XML-technologies.

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Bachelor degree in Telematics

From 2000 until 2007 I visited the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands. I've successfully completed the Propedeuse and Bachelor degree, with the following courses: Bachelor project - Enabling artefacts for context-aware applications, An introduction to programming, Calculus I, Circuit Analysis for TEL, Computer organization for Telematics, Database design, Design and management, Design of Telematics systems, Discrete mathematics, Formal Methods for Software Engineering, Graph theory, Implementation of telematics systems, Information systems, Introduction HRM & Management, Introduction to telecommunications for Telematics, Law in Cyberspace, Linear Algebra, Mathematics III, Networked applications, Operating systems for Telematics, Operational Research I, Orientation ICT, P-project, Principles of business economics, Probability and Statistics, Security of telematics systems, Signals and transformations, Software engineering, Technology Assessment of ICT, Telematics networks, Telematics services, Telematics systems and applications, The information society.
For a minor 'European Studies' I took the following courses: European instututions, European Integration, European security, International & European Law.

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Secondary education

From 1994 until 2000 I visited the school for secondary education Revius Lyceum in Doorn, The Netherlands.I've successfully completed the VWO/Atheneum in 6 years, with the following courses: Dutch, English, German, Mathematics A (for social sciences), Mathematics B (for natural sciences), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics I (macro).

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Primary education

From 1986 until 1994 I visited Oecumenische Basisschool 'De Ladder' in Maarn, The Netherlands.

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Non-formal education

17-22.09.2002AEGEE Training for Trainers (for inter-cultural trainings)
07-14.04.2001AEGEE European School I (management training)
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09.10.2008Driving course: SAFE Driving Ambulance 1
03.05.2007Driving licence: C (Trucks; Dutch/European)
11.04.2007Driving course: Refreshment Huisartsenchauffeur (driver of General Practitioner)
05.10.2006Driving licence: BE (Motor vehicles with (semi-)trailer; Dutch/European)
05.10.2006Driving licence: AM (Mopeds; Dutch/European)
09.09.2005Driving course: Huisartsenchauffeursopleiding (Course for driver of General Practitioner)
21.01.2005Medical course: Bediener Automatische Externe Defibrillator (Operator of Automated external defibrillator & Basic Life Support)
24.10.2000Driving licence: B (Motor vehicles; Dutch/European)